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Friday, July 14, 2006

Psychological Factors affecting Driver.

Psychological Factors affecting Driver.
The following are some of the most important Psychological factors that affect the driver.
ANGER: anger is a state when the hormone adrenaline gushes in to the blood and the human being suffers a fit of rage. Anger is the worst state of a human mind and body which manifests itself in most deadly deeds. Driving in fit of anger is a dangerous thing as the driver loses control. He drives at a faster speed.
EMOTIONAL UPSET: if somebody is emotionally upset, he/she must not drive. If it is necessary one should take a short walk or talk to a friend and shed out his feelings. If emotionally upset while driving, the driver gets emotional swings and sometimes gets lost in oblivion, which may further cause accidents on road.
MENTAL FATIGUE: A PERSON WHO HAS WORKED FOR NEARLY A WHOLE DAY UNDER MENTAL STRAIN SHOULD TAKE EXTRA CARE WHILE DRIVING. HE MUST REALAX FOR A WHILE AND THEN SHOULD DRIVE. MENTAL FATIGUE is a state where the transmission of signals from brains to limbs through our motor system becomes invariably slow.
A PERSON UNDER MEDICATION: nowadays some of the medicines with sedatives as one of the constituents. People under such medications are under the influence of these sedatives. This could make you feel sleepy causing danger to people around.

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