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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Road Traffic Accident-prevention

Road Traffic Accident – Prevention.

As we open up the newspaper, there’s always a common news item about various road traffic accidents. May it be pedestrian injury, bicycle or car mishap, it always has a mammoth influence on the common man. 20% of people die of traffic accidents and many are left maimed. A death always creates a vacuum in a family, whether due to disease or accident. Most people feel very insecure and always wonder whether they will return back home safely after their job. Leave alone the accidents that happen in the Highway. There are quite a number of accidents that happen at the signal points just because the drivers ignore the yellow light.
The road accidents are becoming increasingly common in the developing countries. Though the government takes ample care to install safety measures, and the police personnel put into action in accident-prone areas, the common man just ignores them. They lack patience and want to reach their destination early, but ultimately they land up at a different, difficult destination.
The W.H.O has taken an initiative to reduce the number of accidents. Is road safety a responsibility of the police, the transport department or the licensing authority? Road safety is everything put together from the government to the common man. One should realise that a life is precious. The health personnel especially should realize this and take all immediate steps to resuscitate patients involved in the accident. This is a challenge not only for the health personnel but also for the police personnel. They should rush to the spot immediately and work as a team. The traffic officers should be given training in First Aid as is done in the western countries. There is no need to be perplexed. They just have to understand the situation, little compassionate and take timely action.
Voluntary agencies should also take part in preventing RTA. These agencies should work together with the police and the health department. The agencies should give importance to the three ‘E’s of prevention. (i.e.) Education, Enforcement and Evoking awareness among the people. Training classes should be conducted to the drivers on a periodical basis. The licensing authority should be reasonably stringent in issuing licenses. Road safety should be taught from school level itself. Most of the roads are a great peril with pits and potholes and with sudden eruption of the so-called speed breakers. Mention should be made about the recent development of technology – the mobile phones. Police personnel should penalize people who use the mobile phone while driving. Young girls are the ones who fly in their two wheelers unmindful of the pattern of the dress they wear; they always land up in a tough situation. Legislation and its enforcement receive an appropriate and prominent place in our lives.
Common man needs to be disciplined about wearing helmet so that damaged skulls can be avoided. Each one of us has to take the responsibility and eventually the death rate will soar down.

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