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Friday, January 13, 2006

YOUR LIFE.......

YOUR LIFE is Jesus to someone,though tattered and torn it may be.Though often times weak and unstable,you're all of God someone will see.YOUR TONGUE is Jesus to someone.That idle, insensitive wordreflects to at least one searching heartan idle, insensitive Lord.YOUR GOALS are Jesus to someone.What you put first, they believe,are the goals of God for the Christian.Your life is all they receive.YOUR FAITHFULNESS ... that's Jesus to someone.Their judgment of how God is true,rests unquestionably in the faithfulnessthey see day by day in you.YOUR LOVE is Jesus to someone--that someone who is seeking to knowthat Jesus will follow and guide andbefriend wherever in life they might go.SO BEWARE lest others blasphemeGod by what you say or do,for the only Jesus that someone knowsis the Jesus they see in you.Author Unknown

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