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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Project presentation

Respected Guest of Honour, chairman, and dear Students of PSG Arts and science college

It gives me great pleasure to come here and I thank the department of corporate secretaryship for having given me this chance to stand before this young generation.
I went through the project report and I am greatly delighted at your sincere effort to analyze the cause of accidents that take place at Coimbatore. I do not want to frighten you with facts and figures. I do agree the buses and as a whole, the heavy vehicles play a great part in causing these accidents. These sorts of projects help the police to take more actions against the lawbreakers. I congratulate you on this sincere effort.
Next to Chennai city, Coimbatore registers the highest number of vehicles. An average of about 300 vehicles is registered per day in the two R.T.O offices. We take lots of measures to make the day an accident free day. You will all agree that “a life is precious”. We don’t want anyone to be maimed.
Your study reveals that more people are aware of the causes that cause accidents. Though they are aware of it they are the law breakers. I have my own experiences relating to it. Most of the people whom we come across violating the traffic are doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers in all categories. Not to mention about the students. Well, they are the ones who find every chance to violate the ‘No Entry’ area…. A couple of days back I came across a student of this college riding a motor cycle. He was talking on the mobile phone. So many times I used to wonder how people can balance their vehicle and also use a mobile phone while riding. He never had a valid insurance. He confessed to me that all his pocket money was getting melted by paying the fine. He comes from Tuticorin to study. I just wonder whether his parents are aware of it.
I had a chance to tour America. We were driving in Washington. Suddenly my brother-in- law who was on the wheel slowed down. There was a funeral procession going before us and we had to trail for another 3 miles. In America, you cannot overtake a funeral procession. Likewise you will be punished if you overtake a yellow bus…(school bus). Ambulances have the right of way and all the cars slow down and give way for the ambulance to pass through. Such a discipline is maintained. This discipline is taught to the children from their home, from their school and they carry it on as they become an adult. The law is very stringent. You can’t fool the police there.
Here in Coimbatore we are conducting regular classes for bus drivers, auto men .. We are also taking classes for the students and teachers of elementary schools. I have an appeal for the college authorities. I solicit the maximum co-operation. Please do not encourage the students who do not possess a valid license or insurance to park their vehicle inside the college premises. During the time of admission itself you should check their licenses. Inform their parents. We need to be very strict with their discipline.
Let no-one claim that the deaths are accidental. Transport is intrinsically risky. Let us decide how risky we want it to be and adjust things accordingly. We can decide our own destiny.
Most of the companies made it very compulsory for their employees to wear helmet while riding a two wheeler. Seat belts should be made compulsory. Being thrown from a moving vehicle is the number one cause of death in car crashes. Staying inside the vehicle is your best chance of survival. Safety belts are designed to keep you inside the vehicle, where there's room to live. Institutions should enforce the use of seat belts and helmets. Take every step to protect your fellow citizens. Your negligence should not be a cause for another one to lose their life or their dear ones. I solicit your co-operation in this. We care for you. Let us make every day an accident free day. OBEY TRAFFIC RULES!
Thank you.

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