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Monday, April 10, 2006

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.
Mostly the accidents that take place at night are contributed to the fact that the drivers fall asleep while driving. It may not be possible for us to prove this fact. There have been so much of researches being done to elicit the cause. It has been found out that thousands of drivers fall asleep on the wheel. Mostly the vehicle hits a tree or the central barricade or median with no skid marks on the road. Such accidents are very common in straight roads and in good driving conditions. The many unexplained accidents in the highways are due to sleeping drivers.
It is mostly between 4 AM and 6AM that a driver is about to nod off and crash as at any other time of day. Late afternoon is another changing period. Our body clock which controls our body functions, urges us to sleep twice a day- at night and in the afternoon. Most people feel that the desire to nap in the after noon is due to a heavy lunch. (Most drivers prefer to take a very light meal when they go on the roads). But alcohol definitely increases the urge to sleep. Most people take a siesta. Well, it is not indulgence but a very natural response of our body.
The sleep related accidents involves the drivers of lorries, heavy trucks and long distance buses. A driver may have to load his vehicle at night or in the early morning and sets off in to the Highway. He travels through out may be about eight to ten hours or even more. He unloads his load. He might not get just enough time to sleep soundly. Then again he may have to reload his vehicle and set off for the returning journey. He is unable to complete his sleep. In those danger hours of the early morning, he falls asleep at the wheel.
This law does not necessarily control the drivers of the heavy vehicles alone. Any person who drives for too long after too little rest is at risk. Drowsiness sets in mostly at the early wee hours; the driver eventually closes his eyes no matter how much the window is open or how loudly his cassette recorder plays.
Never drive for too long without taking an adequate rest. If possible share the driving. Avoid those danger times especially if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.
Obey Traffic Rules and save precious lives.
S.Masilamani. MA.BL.
April 10, 2006

Professional and large operators can get sufficient rest and sleep if their employers plan their work schedule. Usually its the small or owner operatos, who can not afford have additional drivers, go through excess stretch of driving. Interestingly the largest operator like TNSTC has problems of shortage in drivers because of their recruitment policy. The government should take the lead in setting an example.
Dear SIr, Thank you so much for the comments. we need to do a lot coimbatore city. People need a lot of education. Thank you soo much.
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