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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I hope this statistics just stop with 99...

This poor man is the 99th victim in Coimbatore city... killed in road traffic accidents. It is really very sad that people are very rash and negligent. He was a watch man of a company. he left the house in the evening, and now he lies in the mortuary...

This is a great service! Hope at least some people read your blog and get changed themselves.

Good to see a Policeman writing blog.

All the best & continue!
Thank you so much. I want to take across the good message to people. I feel so sad when I see people suffering due to such accidents. Thank you for visiting my blog. This makes me truly happy.
good service thathaa....
Very sad, to learn such an irresponsible people on the road behind the wheel.

Masi sir, I am a regular visitor of your pages. Keep doing, what you do! It is really a great service and an inspiration for others you are leaving behind.

hello Orani, I am yet to know your good name. Thank you so much. I get so little time, to write.. Thank you for your valuable comments.
My name is Prabhakar. And for the rest of my details and work you can use this link, to take a look at me. Thanks again.


Dear Prabhakar. Thank you very much. You have a very intereting Tamil Blog.
your initiative is good in trying to create awarness among people,a commendable job , but it will reach more public if you use public media like

#slides in cinema theaters
#posters in buses & public places
#traffic safety and rules to be made compulsary for kids in school
#public transport drivers to be awarded/reprimanded based on their safe driving skills

These are few suggestions to reach more public in cbe.

(felt so very sad seeing this old man ..imagining how the familt felt ..may be they are dependant on his income :-( ..)
THANK YOU KARTHICK VELU. yES IN COIMBATORE, we are regularly conducting classes for the drivers and the auto men. There are regular classes for elementary school teachers. We have a propaganda van too. In spite of all these things the number is on the rise. Thanks for your suggestions.
what you are trying to focus on is really very good and valuable
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