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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Talking over a cell phone

Talking over a cell phone and riding a vehicle could be disastrous....

//Talking over a cell phone and riding a vehicle could be disastrous....//

That is very true statement! I know, a lot of my seniors and learnt people, while attending phone calls they either pull over by road side or altogether not attending the calls.

That is lot wiser than talking and engaging into a useless(ful) talk and losing ones life. Safety first anyway!

I feel you should elaborate on this with picture whenever there is an accident involved with cell phones.

Thank you!

Thank you so much. With the very little time I get for blogging, I possibly manage to do the best. I am very happy to note that more people are getting an awareness about the tragedies that are caused due to using a cell phone while driving. I want this message to reach more people.
any amount of advice is not going to help. nothing would work like spot-fine. we want clean cops to do that - as they say elsewhere, give tickets!
the above comment of mine was sent before i know who you are. let me stress now: //.... more people are getting an awareness ...//i think you are mistaken. it is a very common sight (in our city at least)people precariously driving with either one hand or being funny and also dangerous with the head cocked to balanace theri mobiles.

i always wish that police men in powerful bikes waiting at different points chase and book these guys. அடி உதவுறது மாதிரி ... i mean hefty 'fine' here.
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