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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So very dangerous...(Thanks to Dinamalar)

having practicable rules / laws, and making people follow them is a must. i really wonder how and why such law-breakers can go scotfree. the whole mechanism has to be revamped.
we, the citizens should respect the laws of the land.
we, the citizens should be made to follow the laws of land.
i request you to read this too.
i made tha above comment and one another comment in your blog (probabaly in the first or second post) WITHOUT knowing that the blogger is a police officer. and i am happy about it since always i feel so much irritated with the people having scanty respect for the traffic rules and also equally irritated with the police personnel unmindful of that. as a teacher i can never accept my student going against any set rules in my class. but i wonder how a traffic cop can be so stoically unmindful of a person breaking law just in his presence.i dont think any police personnel in a beat minds when all start moving even before the green signals. i have written a few things of this sort in my tamil blog. i may give the links sometime.
too long a comment. but all with a hope to make things improve.
oh wow, a moving two-wheeler truck, with a paati in the pillion clinging onto her dear life... do you guys notice what she is holding on to, a flimsy side box. That is all the grip she has gotten!!
By the way Maasi Sir, I forgot to greet you, for your coming back and start blogging again.

Happy to have you back with us here. :-)
Thanks Sam and Orani..more to come soon.
Sam Sir thanks for visiting my blog.
Hello, Masilamani sir,
thank you for posting this.

I cannot figure out what is running in the riders' minds.

leave alone getting hurt!
they are hazardous to other riders too.
anyone travelling fast
along this bike
can cause a pile up.

unless they are fined nobody is going to change.
here is another viewpoint. one cannot but admire the inventiveness of the travellers here. with the minimum available, they have achieved the maximum. what a great feat of human adaptation and creativity!! :)

ps.. i do agree on all points re the road and human hazard condition. :(
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